About Us:
Aqua Parade Aquarium Store
by Glasgow Aquatics Ltd
343-345 Cumbernauld Road
G31 3LP

Telephone: 0141-554 7771


Monday - Saturday
10:00 - 17:30

Sunday & Bank Holidays
11:00 - 16:30
Aqua Proud
Aqua Parade offers any customer free membership in our loyalty club Aqua Proud.

£1 spent = 1 point. Once you have reached 120 points you automatically receive a £5 Livestock Voucher to use as payment for Freshwater fish, Live Plants, Frozen & Live Foods and R/O & Ready Aged Saltwater.
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Welcome to Glasgow’s coolest aquarium.

Aqua Parade, established in 2011 is positioned in the east end, close to the city centre and immediately next to M8 & M80 with ample parking outside the shop. We aim to serve as a fresh and modern one-stop shop for all things aquatic. We do everything from coldwater to tropical, with a designated Reef Shop for marine enthusiasts. We may not be the largest, but we have up to 5 species in each tank which allows us around 200 species of tropical fish. We also have a 700 liter plant tank filled with many different species. On the saltwater side we  have a 7ft coral/display tank which is set up as a natural reef, as well as 10 tanks for marine fish.

“This is quirky, friendly, has great staff, great stock and plenty of dry goods. I’m sold on Aqua Parade and would be a regular shopper here if I lived closer”

Nathan Hill, Practical Fishkeeping Magazine, February 2013

  In Aqua Parade we do things a bit different. We prefer to show off our livestock in bright premises and we focus a lot of our attention to our high standards of cleanliness. All our Tropical fish are displayed geographically in different sections such as Amazon & Oceania. We also have a section dedicated to Community fish, a section for American Cichlids as well as an extensive supply of African cichlids. At any time we will stock at least 20 species of juvenile cichlids from Lakes Malawi & Victoria and a good selection of larger sized fishes too. We also have 3 dedicated Tanganyikan tanks.


We always have several staff members available, each with their own specialisation, so if you are new to the hobby there’s always someone at hand to advise you and help you become a successful aquarist. We want you to be successful and stay in the hobby so if you need help, please let us know. We are looking forward to seeing you. In the meantime, check out the video section to see our current stock, please ‘like’ our Faceboook page on the right for updates and special offers.

Aqua Parade features “Crystal Palace” The 700 litre home to our cold water fish.