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Aqua Proud

Aqua Parade offers any customer free membership in our loyalty club Aqua Proud.

£1 spent = 1 point. Once you have reached 120 points you automatically receive a £5 Livestock Voucher to use as payment for Freshwater fish, Live Plants, Frozen & Live Foods and R/O & Ready Aged Saltwater.

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Charity Weekend Ended

This page will be continously updated during the evening.


The last customers have left the shop and counts and draws are under way…

We are correcting quiz sheets at the moment The winner appears to have 12 correct answers…

Quiz answers:

1. What come first? Nitrite or Nitrate?
The answer is Nitrite

2. The common name for Cyrtocara Moori is Blue Dolphin Cichlid.

3. Labyrinth fish is species with labyrinth organs that need to access the surface to breath. Examples of such are Siamese fighting fish and Dwarf Gouramis.

4. Surgeon fish is also called Tang.

5. The teacher in Finding Nemo was a Sting Ray named Mr Ray.

6. A Puffer blows up when threatened.

7. There are 4.546 litres in every Imp. gallon. That means there’s 455 litres in 100 gallon. We have accepted any answer between 450 – 460 litres.

8. If only female livebearers are present in a tank one or more will develop male genitalia and actually turn male.

9. The general guideline for stocking a tropical tank is 1cm of fish per liter of water. No one had the correct answer. To avoid further confusion (or controversy): These guidelines changes for coldwater fish, pond fish, marine fish only, and marine reefs.

10. If you’re Nitrates are high it almost always is due to over feeding.

11. PH below 7.0 is considered acidic.

12. A reflector can increase the strenght of light by 100%.

13. R/O stands for Reverse Osmosis. A process where water is pushed through membranes, becomes completely saturated and pure.

14. White Spot is a parasite.

15. There are 3 great cichlid laskes in the African Rift valley. If you answered Victoria, Malawi or Tanganyika you are correct.

16. Anthia belong to a group called Wreck fish.

17. Ocean Rock will buffer you water, but to be correct you needed to say it increases the PH.

18. There are many venemous fish. Lionfish, Scorpion Fish, Cowfish, Boxfish, Stingrays, Puffers & Corydoras are some of them.

19. Discus should be kept at around 28 degrees celcius.

20. A fish only grows to the size of it’s tank. Yeah right! Thankfully everyone got this one right!!!

2nd runner up and receiving a goodie bag with 9 correct answers is:
Wei Hau Wong

Runner up with 10 correct answers was Neil Tennant. Goodie bag for you too.

Winners with 12 correct answers, obviously benefiting from having both children, marine & freshwater tanks in the house is: Frank & Linda. Congratulations on you Betta Nano tank.

All winners can pick up their prizes as of tomorrow.

Gaby, Morgan, Naomi, Emma, Amy Jo, Kyle & Morgan S. You have all been awarded with a SSPCA medal that can be picked up in store for your wonderful drawings that are decorating the shop.

The raffle draw is next. Stand by…

We are drawing 10th-4th place first. Prices are a goodie bag containing food, remedies, plant fertiliser etc.

The winners are:

66-70 – John Ormiston

156-160 – Steven Fisher

406-410 – Paddy O’Rourke

276-280 – Anne McKinlay

96-100 – Chris Brown

91-95 – Michael Fraser

321-325 – Chris Yacomine

Main prizes coming up…
3rd-2nd prize is a GBP20 Livestock Voucher

3rd prize:
76-80 Mrs Gilliland

2nd prize:
301-305 Kirsty Cafferty

1st prize: An Aqua Fashion aquarium.
176-180 Garry Dryburgh
Please contact us and let us know which colour tank you prefer.

We have a couple of smaller goodie bags extra.
41-45 W McIntosh

666-670 Frank & Linda

The total amount raised for the event so far is 455.38 with a further 150.00 pledged. If everyone who has pledged can bring the money in to the shop ASAP we will be able to send a cheque for 605.38 to the Scottish SPCA Friday 26th October.

A big thank you:

To Steven for his sponsored climb. Natalie for her cupcakes.

To the Aqua Parade Ltd board for their administration and donation.

To Aquarian & EasyLife.

To all of you who came and supported us & the SSPCA this weekend.

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace – the home of our cold water fish is a spectacular sight and the first thing you see when entering the shop. A 150 gallon system in a 5ft brace less tank with three upside down towers with contrasting heights and individual effects.

After 6 months in the planning “Crystal Palace” has finally opened the flood gates and the first few fish have today taken in their new surroundings.

The system is designed in store and the tanks and sump are built by DC Aquariums, Bonnybridge.

“Crystal Palace” is intended for retail use with dividers creating 6 or 7 different compartments to house individual species, but we can design similar systems for businesses & indeed smaller ones for private homes. Please contact us for more details.


Scottish SPCA Fundraiser event

The staff at Aqua Parade is organizing a charity event for the benefit of SSPCA – Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty against Animals. The main event will take place in the shop on Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th October and will include a number of events to raise money for a hard working organisation which does such important work and we all respect very much. You can find more financial information about the event further down.

All Weekend:
Raffle: £2 each. 1st prize is an Aqua Fashion tank (RRP 75.00) in a choice of colours. 2nd-3rd prize is £20 Aqua Parade Livestock voucher. 4th-10th: Goodie package containing Food & Remedies.

Quiz: Entry £2.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most knowledgeable fish keeper of all?! 1st price is a Betta Nano tank (RRP 59.95).

Colouring In Competition for smaller fish keepers.

Special Offers in store:

An amazing 20% off all Juwel & Eheim aquarium & stands ordered during the weekend.

30% off all Tetra Products incl air pumps.

Buy a livestock voucher for the value of £20 for only £10!! (The voucher will become active after the event. Only 1 voucher per household. Can not be used in conjunction with other offers. Valid for purchase of Freshwater fish, plants and Frozen & Live Food only)

Buy £10 of live plants and buy a disposable CO2 set for only £5 (RRP £13.95).

Buy any air run decoration and buy a budget air pump for only £5 (RRP £9.99)

Buy 2 – Get 1 free on all plastic plants. (Cheapest item free)

Both days 4pm:
Seminar: Ground course in marine keeping.
How to move into marines?

Sunday: Special Charity Cupcakes sold in store. Thanks Natalie!!

Aqua Parade Ltd is covering all costs so every penny collected will go straight to SSPCA. The business will further donate 3% of the takings from the weekend and will also donate the prizes. Whether the staff will appear in fancy dress or not is still to be confirmed and is subject to heated discussions on a daily basis!

Steven kicked it off on Tuesday by celebrating his birthday climbing Ben Lomond. Sponsor sheet are available in store so please continue to support Steven in his efforts.

We hope to see as many as possible coming this weekend!

Charity Weekend 13th & 14th October

The staff at Aqua Parade is organizing a charity event for the benefit of SSPCA – Scottish Society for Protection against Cruelty against Animals. The main event will take place in the shop on Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th October and will include a number of events to raise money for a hard working organisation which does such important work and we all respect very much.

Aqua Parade Ltd is covering all costs so every penny collected will go straight to SSPCA. The business will further donate 3% of the takings from the weekend and will also donate the prizes. There will be both a raffle & a quiz sheet. Whether the staff will appear in fancy dress or not is still to be confirmed and is subject to heated discussions on a daily basis!

Steven is kicking it off on Tuesday 9th October by celebrating his birthday climbing Mount Everest. Sponsor sheet are available in store so please support Steven in this tremendous effort. The idea of a charity event was Steven’s brain baby born on a staff night out. Impressed? So were we, but when we sobered up Mount Everest had turned into Ben Nevis. A week in to the planning of the event Nevis was subsequently changed to Lomond. Never the less, for someone who’s getting to that age where he’d rather go hill walking than thinking about getting yet another year older, our hats go off to you for turning a personally traumatic experience into a positive charity event. We will therefore consider you the same age for another year, and we urge all customers to do the same.

More information about the charity event will be posted here once it is available, but please make a note of the dates and pop down and see us that weekend.


We proudly introduce our new residents.

Tortoise care:
Tortoises are vegetarians and are served a range of fresh vegetables, fruits & flower heads as well as dry foods & calcium supplement. They belong in hot areas, the species on the film is 3 year old Hermann Tortoises and are native to the Mediterranean. They need a terrarium with a sleeping cave, a basking lamp & UV light for their shells. They also need a reflecting heat mat for those cold nights. They love walking around in the grass on a summer day, they are friendly and very curious.

The sale of tortoises is strictly controlled as many species are threatened. When buying from Aqua Parade, you can rest assured that the tortoises we sell are captive bred, micro chipped and comes with a full registration certificate.

But remember – a tortoise is not for life. It’s also for the next generation. These amazing creatures live to well over a hundred!

Videos of our current stock

Videos of our current stock is now available through the video section of our website. Just follow the link from the main menu.

Refit – Week 2, 3 & 4 – Building Rome

Hours worked each week: Somewhere between 80-90.

Beard growth: 2’’

Time is a mystery to me. Why is it that the more we have to do, the quicker the time will pass. On the other hand, there’s nothing as slow moving as time when you have nothing to do. Not that the latter has been experienced much lately. As the shop is getting busier after the refit we are struggling to fit all the chores in during opening hours and there have been a few late nights for this reason. So what have we been so busy doing? As you know it certainly wasn’t writing this blog!

We have placed all the stock, to find out the layout isn’t working and then changed it back again and then repeated the entire process yet again. We have finally managed to get the pond tank up and running. Without lights yet but that’s 700 new litres bringing the new total to 4500 litres and bringing the total amount of weekly water changes to a minimum of 500 litres a week. But with the exception from the above we haven’t done much else than the usual upkeep. I just hope that everything is taking a little bit longer right now because we don’t have many routines yet, and that we’ll be able to fit more into each day soon.

So what is still to do? Well the goldfish are still swimming around in their old territories, mixed with the plants and in the tanks that soon will be curing our live rock. The new goldfish tank is planned to be the highlight of the shop, the first thing a customer see and meant to take your breath away. The main tank is in place but there are 3 upside down tanks, (also in place) and these need 15mm thick acrylic dividers that must be drilled, cut and siliconed in place millimetre perfect. As the upside down tanks are heavy and made by glass, moving them is both a physical and psychological nightmare!

The marine side of things have swallowed up a lot of time. Partly in upkeep and care, but also due to failed ordering sessions. Let me explain the procedures in importing fish. First you have to choose a supplier. Minimum order is 1 full box. Some suppliers do corals, others do inverts, some does fish and a few do a limited number of each. I got a smallish store to fill so to find one supplier who does everything is impossible. Then I start the real job, translating each item on the stock list from Latin to English, all the time thinking of stocking levels, cost & retail price. The stock list contains the Latin name, number of items in stock, how many items in a full box & price. Once choosing a particular fish I need to convert the space available in the box, by converting items that would fit, into a percentage instead. Once I reach 100 the box is full and I can finish the order or continue on box 2. If I miscalculate, the packers will decide what doesn’t go in the box. Once this has been done properly, 5 hours has passed, you’re far behind on everything else only to receive an e-mail a few days later stating the marine order is not coming due to a typhoon. The big problem is that I only have a small window to complete the process. The stock list arrives on Thursday morning, and order must be placed mid afternoon Friday. Thursday we worked in the shop until 10.30pm. I then did an hour when I got home and fell asleep. In the shop early Friday, and I almost got the order ready before a busy turn forced me on to the shop floor. There were deliveries of dry goods and livestock on top of a very busy shopping day. Good news as we were pretty skint after the heat wave and the long bank holiday which changed our customers shopping habits from tropical fish & tanks to sausages and charcoal. The result, however, was that I once again missed the deadline and there won’t be a massive marine delivery this week either.

On a positive note, I did manage to get some freshly imported live rock for “Nemesis” with loads of exciting growths and stuff. It turned the water brown and the skimmer is working overtime, but I shall let it cure naturally. It’s 50kg, but curing in 700 litres so I’m expecting it shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks. Not even bothered starting to test the ammonia yet.

The new tanks have matured well and there has been no ammonia or nitrite spike. One product that holds its promise is API Quick Start! It certainly keeps the ammonia and nitrite levels lower. On top of this we’ve done 10% daily water changes and obviously tested the water every day.

I have 2 priorities right now. 1 is the half empty marine rack, the other is the goldfish tanks. My priorities are still not blogging, however, and the reason I’m even writing this is because it’s 5am and I woke up and couldn’t sleep. I have missed the blog though. It’s nice to get some frustrations out of the system and who knows maybe I’ll sleep better after writing it. In fact I’m getting more and more drowsy…

By the way, if you have a passion for fish keeping, know why you can’t put Nemo in a goldfish bowl and preferably a lot more than that, well then we might have few openings.

1. We are looking for independent sales people to sell our products and services on a business2business basis. We can provide good if not excellent commission, full support & training to someone who can work independently.

2. We are also looking for aquarium maintenance technicians with marine experience, great customer service skills & own transport to maintain our customers tanks to an excellent standard. The post will contain a limited number of shop hours where you’d assist in serving customers, maintenance & fragging soft corals. The hours in the shop are likely to increase over time. You would have to be 100% reliable with a full checkable record (including Disclosure Scotland) as you will be visiting customer’s homes & businesses.

Both posts will be advertised elsewhere on our website and other sites, but anyone who has been following us here are first in the queue so mention this blog if you are applying after the job listings have been posted to the wider public.

You can apply, preferably in person in store. Please bring a standard CV together with a covering letter detailing your fish experience, species you’ve kept successfully and your main interests within the hobby. First and foremost, write a few sentences on why you would like to join our team.

Refit – Day 7 – Nemesis

Hours worked this week: 96
Life expactancy decrease in years: 24
Beard Growth: 14mm

That was the week that was. Hand on heart – The worst week of my life! Sunday we saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Things are starting to fall into place and we are starting to see the result. We like it and the feedack so far has been good. Loads of things that need to be positioned and placed and the coldwater tanks are still dry…

Sunday turned into the busiest Sunday ever, so a huge Thank you to everyone that is coming to support us because we need your money. We really do! It cost a lot to make a shop this nice! LOL. Seriously though, I wouldn’t say we are that much over budget if you compare with, say the Olympics, but thankfully, the budget is no longer a worry. Everything has been paid for and the focus is now directed towards increasing stock levels and maybe, who knows, take a regular wage..?! That would be nice.

Oh, regarding the headline, the manufacturer of the leaking invert tank (now named “Nemesis”) has accepted full responsibility of the design fault that caused the major leak, so that’s one blemish I can erase from my personal aquarium design record. I’ll sleep good tonight!

Refit – Day 6 – Chaos

To everyone and everyone that visited the shop today, Im truly sorry for the chaos that ensued and the state of the premises!

The rest of the new tanks were delivered today. That brought the total up to 7 new coldwater tanks, ranging from 2-5ft long. It’s a lot of glass, it’s heavy, it can’t be stacked on top of each other so it takes up a lot of space. This is space we don”t have. Our shop is now fitted to the max, and we’ve laid a lot of weight on keeping the relatively small space we have open and bright whilst still be able to provide customers with ample product choice at the same time as we wish to fit in as much livestock a possible.

Today turned out to be the 3rd busiest day so far, only beaten by Christmas and our 1st birthday and the chaos that ensued out stripped our best projections. We are exceedingly grateful for your continued support, but also regretful about any lack in the customer experience right now. Lorna, one of our regular customers, made a very valid point in that we now need to reaquaint ourselves with the new look. We are walking the wrong direction for fish, bags & drygoods – Yes, even to get to the till, and with the new layout this could be time consuming.

It will get better. Not much will happen in the shop over the weekend except we’ll be continuing placing stock. Hopefully the acrylics will be in for the cold water display on Monday.


Refit – Day 5 – Reopening

Friday we opened the doors for customers in our new look shop. I think the feedback is good so far and we are cinfident we are going in the right direction. There has been no more disasters, no leaks or othwerwise and albeit we all walked around like zombies, it was by far the easiest day this week. Not totally without problems though. Most of the glass for the coldwater tanks arrived after all yesterday which was great, only to discover that the stand that would house the sump does not have an “entrance” big enough for the 4ft sump to fit in. Shouldn’t be a massive problem as the joiner is back today. As for the acrylic divider and bases for the 3 upside down tanks that we were promised would arrive Wednesday (or Thursday at the latest) did not arrive Friday either. I shall be writing a strong minded letter!

The shop was rather quiet Friday. It gave us a chance to catch up a bit, and guess what we did around 7pm? We went home!!! Yes, watched the news, found out that Greece is in trouble, watched half a film and slept all throught he night. Fantastic.

Today there will be no arriving early. No, the usual time will suffice. We’re looking forward to a hopefully busy weekend. There are loads of things to do in concern to the dry goods & stock, but the tropical fish displays are ready and the fish are waiting for new owners. The cold water displays will be ready soon enough and the missing shelves too. We are back on track and Glasgow’s new aquarium has grown bigger and better.

From all of us I now wish to extend a warm welcome to our shop. We hope you like what we have done with it!