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Aqua Proud

Aqua Parade offers any customer free membership in our loyalty club Aqua Proud.

£1 spent = 1 point. Once you have reached 120 points you automatically receive a £5 Livestock Voucher to use as payment for Freshwater fish, Live Plants, Frozen & Live Foods and R/O & Ready Aged Saltwater.

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Aqua Parade celebrates 1 year!

Saturday 25th February is our first birthday. We celebrate the whole day with cake and balloons, 10% off all livestock & plant bundles, competitions & prizes. Win a Dennerlee Specialist plant nano tank with a RRP of £89.95.

This week we also give a massive 15% off all Juwel Aquariums & Stands.

Come and celebrate with us!

Water Quality

We offer our livestock water conditions with 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, <15 Nitrates, 0 Phosphate, 0 Chlorides and a specific PH & hardness that suits the individual species of fish. This is the reason we have sorted our livestock geographically to suit the general water conditions in the individual continents.

At Aqua Parade we use sump filtration on all our livestock tanks. In fact 25% of the water in our fish racks is in the filter at all times. In our tropical racks the process is as follows: When water enters one of the tanks, the water level increases and water hits an overflow hole positioned at the top of each tank. The water then falls down through a pipe system to the sump which is positioned at the bottom of the rack.

Each sump is 4ft long and the water is first mechanically pre filtered through a highly absorbent filter sock which is changed 2-3 times a week. The water is then directed past the heaters before being pushed through several layers of coarse & fine sponges, Eheim Bio balls ceramic media. Appropriate PH buffers or mineral stones, Carbon & Phosphate removers are also placed in the sump. The water finally ends up in the return chamber where a powerful 8000 l/hr return pump will push the water through an industrial strength Ultra Violet sterilizer and all the way to the top of the racks where the water finally is divided into each separate tank. This ensures that all water has been filtered and sterilised before re entering a different tank. Each sump is also fitted with an overflow system which makes water changes a very easy task!

We conduct a 10% water change every week. Our aquarium system is fitted with automatic top up function with water supply that undergo intense carbon filtration that removes chlorides & other harmful substances before being released in to the fish tanks. Despite this we always add Stress Coat to protect the fish from possible temperature changes as cold water enters the system. Our water is very soft so after the water change we add a little bit Bicarbonate of Soda. This increases the Carbonate Hardness (KH) to about 5-6 degrees and is necessary for the bacteria process. We also add a generous portion of “Microbelift Special Blend” bacteria which helps to keep the system stable for another week.

Aqua Parade Ltd is proud to officially launch our Aquarium Maintenance Service.

We already perform maintenance contracts in businesses & private homes, but we have now increased our capacity and can take on new contracts.

Our Aquarists will visit in uniform on the agreed time & date and whilst we normally recommend fortnightly visits, there are cases where a monthly visit is sufficient. Every maintenance contract can be tweaked to suit you. We can for example supply equipment & livestock at favourable retail prices from our own shop or you may wish to stay in control over the tank by buying them yourself. We also perform ‘single visits’ for aquascaping and/or installations.


Within Glasgow, our typical fee starts at £25.00 per visit.


Please contact Chris on 0141-554 7771 for more information.

Feeding Frenzy

We at Aqua Parade know the importance of a rich & varied diet. With that in mind we ensure our livestock receives a diet with nutrition levels similar in values to the diet they would enjoy in their natural environment. We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day so we start off with Tetra Pro crisps. These crisps are great because they can be enjoyed by all fish since they are slow sinking. They can be snapped up by both surface and bottom feeders as well as mid level feeders on the way down. Breakfast is also the time to feed additional dry foods like algae wafers & sinking tablets. The reason for this is that the fishes now got the full day to eat all the dry food. Nothing should be left overnight to decompose and deteriorate the water quality.


Lunch & Dinner however, comes in either frozen or live form. Live is especially good to feed at night as any surviving critters will stay alive in the tank and not decompose as frozen will. Vegetarians will receive frozen spinach or green plankton. Carnivores are served any selection from our live/frozen menu, including but not limited to Bloodworm, Glassworm, Daphnia, Beef Heart, Fish meat, Squid & Red Plankton aka Rotifer. Omnivores receives a green lunch and a meaty dinner from any of the options above.


It is relatively easy to run this feeding table in a commercial aquarium, but should be exercised with extreme caution in a home tank with limited filtration capacity. Such a feeding regime must be followed up with ammonia tests to ensure that over feeding does not occur and must not be attempted in a new tank that’s not yet fully matured.

The most usual problem new fish keepers are experiencing is due to over feeding. Food, both eaten and leftovers will end up as ammonia after a short digestive or decomposition period. Ammonia is extremely toxic to fish even at very small levels. It causes diseases, stress and death very quickly. Beneficial bacteria will eventually populate your filter and break down the ammonia to relatively harmless substances. Until this happens we recommend you only feed dry food. There’s no easy answer to the question “How much should I feed?” The only true answer is very little. A few crisps daily or even 3-4 times a week. 5-6 crisps for a full grown Oscar, 1 for a Swordtail, 1/2 for a Guppy, 1 crushed up crisp for every 3-5 Neon Tetras. This may seem very little, but the truth is that it’s almost impossible to starve fish. On the other hand it’s very easy to poison them and your fish will prefer to be a bit hungry between meals rather than swim around in its own waste!


Once your tank has cycled you may gradually increase feeding by adding secondary frozen or live meals. Bear in mind that a frozen cube is quite a lot of food in a small tank with less than 100 litres, but the cubes can be halved. Please ask us in store if you are in doubt. We are happy to help and we want you to succeed in your hobby. An important tool for success is a test kit and we recommend that you get one, but we do offer a water analysis service if you prefer. Please bring in at least 1/8 pint in a clean container. You will receive a full written analysis of PH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate & Alkalinity with recommended actions to rectify any problem. There’s normally a £2 charge for this service but all aquariums sold by us come with free water analysis in the cycling period.

Aqua Parade Launches Classified Section

Our new website already has hundreds of visitors on a dally basis. What better way then to rehome unwanted fish, tanks and equipment via our new  Classified section WITH SOCIAL NETWORK INTEGRATION. It’s currently free to use and isn’t limited to the amount of listing you can make.

We hope that you will find this feature useful and welcome any comments or suggestions.

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