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Aqua Proud
Aqua Parade offers any customer free membership in our loyalty club Aqua Proud.

£1 spent = 1 point. Once you have reached 120 points you automatically receive a £5 Livestock Voucher to use as payment for Freshwater fish, Live Plants, Frozen & Live Foods and R/O & Ready Aged Saltwater.
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About us

We present Aqua Proud! Our new loyalty scheme.

We welcome all our customers to take part in our loyalty club “Aqua Proud”! It cost nothing to join, you can register in store and collect points straight away. This is how it works:

You’ll receive 1 point for every £1 spent at retail value even after discounts. E.g. you purchase 6 Assorted Platy which cost £2 each, but as the 6 platy is a multi offer you only pay £10, yet still receive 12 points.

Once you have reached 120 points you are given a £5 “Aqua Proud Voucher” which has a 90 day validity.

You can earn points quicker by buying items that gives bonus points and double points. These items are changed on a regular basis and are advertised in store.

Aqua Proud vouchers can be used to purchase freshwater livestock, plants, live and frozen food. Marine keepers can also use the voucher for R/O water, ready aged saltwater, Phytoplankton and Copepods. The voucher can not be used as payment for Marine livestock, Aquariums, dry foods, electric items, accessories, remedies or decorations.


Price goes down on Ready Made Saltwater!

We have negotiated discounts on Royal Nature Reef Salt which is the salt we use when making our saltwater and we are thrilled to be able to  pass this saving to our customers. As of Monday the price on a 25 litre jerrican goes down by £2 to £6.50!

Royal Nature is a sub-brand of Red Sea and basically consists of evaporated saltwater from Israel and is a premium brand reef salt. We use this to mix with R/O water to a strenght of 1.025. The saltwater is aged and aired for 3 days at 26 degrees before being sold. This is the same water we use in our tanks, it creates stable systems and as there’s no chemicals there’s less chance of skin reactions.

Saltwater is also available in 10 litres for £3.50 You can use your own jerricans or purchase a sterile one instore. We regret that we are unable to lend or rent out jerricans. This is to prevent any cross-contamination issues.

Small Pet & Reptile Hotel by Aqua Parade

Aqua Parade opens the doors for small pets and reptiles who’s owners are away.

Our service is easy and convenient, we can even offer a pick up and drop off service in most cases. We will provide high quality food or you can provide your own if you wish.

The hotel will be open for small pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and other furry’s. Birds are welcome, as are reptiles including lizards, snakes, tortoises and turtles. We regret that we are not able to accommodate fish, dogs or cats.

To minimise stress on your pet we recommend that they travel and stay in their own cage or terrarium. We do however have limited pet housing available, please call for availability. Snakes above 5ft must have their own terrarium.

Prices start from £3/night. (Minimum charge is £30) For transport options please call 0141 554 7771 for a quote.

Aqua Parade is opening “The Reef Shop”

There’s been a hectic activity in the shop lately. The freshwater section was finished a few weeks ago with the new Crystal Palace tank for the goldfish. It was then finally the turn of the marine section to be finalised, and we are pretty much there.

Friday 9th November we are rebranding  our marine section “The Reef Shop” at Aqua Parade and we are expecting the first shipment of SPS & LPS corals this week. There will be arrivals on Friday too so if you wish to be amongst the first to see what’s new, please leave it until after 1pm to allow us to acclimatise everything properly.

We also would like to introduce you to John.
John is 47 and started his aquatic hobbyist life catching frogs and newts in the local pond at the age of 8. Had his first garden pond when 9, which was full of frogs and newts. From there he took the same route as most of us. Had his first aquarium at the age of 19 and kept Guppies, Swordtails, Neons & Angels, then a second tank with Gouramis before getting interested in American Cichlids, then Malawis, and he went on to breed Peacock Cichlids. His first marine tank came when he was 27 and he’s been keeping a reef tank ever since (20 years). The last 3 years John seen a vast improvement in his success and now have a thriving mixed reef tank holding a metric tonne of water in the system. We welcome John to our team, we are excited to have him on board and confident he will be a huge asset for both the shop and its’ customers.

The Reef Shop takes up a substantial part of the shop floor and is positioned at the back of the store. It consist of:

120 gallon display tank, created to inspire.
10 Marine Fish tanks (soon to become 20!).
Poseidon – 7ft Natural reef display with soft corals
Neptune – 6ft SPS/LPS table with 12 Nano Tanks for invertebrates.

The latter is lit by the amazing Kessil A350, please ask for a demonstration in store. After several problems with this tank and numerous floodings we jokingly named it Nemesis. The problems are long gone, the water quality is exceptional after maturing for 6 months and Nemesis has changed into Neptune, the Roman God of the sea. We couldn’t leave the 7 footer unnamed and it’s been duly named Poseidon, after the Greek equivalent…

The dry goods selection is always growing and will continue to do so. Marine Snow, Frozen Lobster Eggs & Sea Weed feeding clips are some of the newcomers on our stock list. Anything you would like us to stock? Please let us know!

As any dedicated reef keeper will know, it takes time to create a flourishing reef. When opening Aqua Parade we had little idea of what we had in front of us. The problems were standing in queue, they multiplied often quicker than we managed to solve them and the only thing we could do, and indeed did was solving problems. The set backs were more than I care to remember but little by little we managed to get our heads above water, no pun intended.

The marine section is finished much later than we had hoped, but although arriving late, we are confident it now arrives good!

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace – the home of our cold water fish is a spectacular sight and the first thing you see when entering the shop. A 150 gallon system in a 5ft brace less tank with three upside down towers with contrasting heights and individual effects.

After 6 months in the planning “Crystal Palace” has finally opened the flood gates and the first few fish have today taken in their new surroundings.

The system is designed in store and the tanks and sump are built by DC Aquariums, Bonnybridge.

“Crystal Palace” is intended for retail use with dividers creating 6 or 7 different compartments to house individual species, but we can design similar systems for businesses & indeed smaller ones for private homes. Please contact us for more details.