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Aqua Parade Aquarium Store
by Glasgow Aquatics Ltd
343-345 Cumbernauld Road
G31 3LP

Telephone: 0141-554 7771


Monday - Saturday
10:00 - 17:30

Sunday & Bank Holidays
11:00 - 16:30
Aqua Proud
Aqua Parade offers any customer free membership in our loyalty club Aqua Proud.

£1 spent = 1 point. Once you have reached 120 points you automatically receive a £5 Livestock Voucher to use as payment for Freshwater fish, Live Plants, Frozen & Live Foods and R/O & Ready Aged Saltwater.
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We present Aqua Proud! Our new loyalty scheme.

We welcome all our customers to take part in our loyalty club “Aqua Proud”! It cost nothing to join, you can register in store and collect points straight away. This is how it works:

You’ll receive 1 point for every £1 spent at retail value even after discounts. E.g. you purchase 6 Assorted Platy which cost £2 each, but as the 6 platy is a multi offer you only pay £10, yet still receive 12 points.

Once you have reached 120 points you are given a £5 “Aqua Proud Voucher” which has a 90 day validity.

You can earn points quicker by buying items that gives bonus points and double points. These items are changed on a regular basis and are advertised in store.

Aqua Proud vouchers can be used to purchase freshwater livestock, plants, live and frozen food. Marine keepers can also use the voucher for R/O water, ready aged saltwater, Phytoplankton and Copepods. The voucher can not be used as payment for Marine livestock, Aquariums, dry foods, electric items, accessories, remedies or decorations.


Price goes down on Ready Made Saltwater!

We have negotiated discounts on Royal Nature Reef Salt which is the salt we use when making our saltwater and we are thrilled to be able to  pass this saving to our customers. As of Monday the price on a 25 litre jerrican goes down by £2 to £6.50!

Royal Nature is a sub-brand of Red Sea and basically consists of evaporated saltwater from Israel and is a premium brand reef salt. We use this to mix with R/O water to a strenght of 1.025. The saltwater is aged and aired for 3 days at 26 degrees before being sold. This is the same water we use in our tanks, it creates stable systems and as there’s no chemicals there’s less chance of skin reactions.

Saltwater is also available in 10 litres for £3.50 You can use your own jerricans or purchase a sterile one instore. We regret that we are unable to lend or rent out jerricans. This is to prevent any cross-contamination issues.

Christmas offers and Opening Hours

Our opening hours during Christmas and New Year is as follows:

Christmas Eve 10.00-16ish…

Christmas Day: Closed

Boxing Day 11.00-17.30

Friday 27th & Saturday 28th 10.00-17.30

Sunday 29th 11.00-17.30

Monday 30th 10.00-17.30

New Years Eve 10.00-16ish…

New Years Day: Closed

Thursday 2nd 11.00-17.30


During the festive season and throughout January we will offer special sets of fish with fantastic discounts.

Community Set: 3 Platy, 10 Neon Tetra, 5 Male Guppy, 1 Dwarf Gourami, 1 live food, 1 frozen food and 1 tub Aquarian flakes 13g. Usual price is £37.41. Now only £25!!

Amazonian set: 1 Small angel, 4 Asst Corydoras, 2 Blue Ram, 5 Rummynose Tetra, 1 live Food, 1 Frozen Food and 1 tub Aquarian Flakes 13g. Usual price is £47.62. Now only £35!!

And don’t forget the incredible value you get with our Guppy Set. 3 males, 9 females for only £15!

We are unable to provide our usual live food during Christmas week and we don’t wish to compromise on the quality that our supplier gives. Instead we offer frozen foods for only £2 until 3rd january when live food is back in stock.

From all of us, to all of you,

a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

September Bank Holiday – Superweekend

Autumn is coming fast, and the best time for fish keeping as the nights are getting longer, and the light from an aquarium brightens up your home. Come down to Aqua Parade this Bank Holiday Super Weekend, for bargains and discounts on everything.

The weekend lasts from Saturday 28th/9 to and including Monday 30th/9.

If you ever fancied meeting a Chameleon, come along! Our animal encounter continues and this time there also a Gecko coming.

We offer a flat 10% off all Freshwater Livestock.

We also give 5% off everything else.

10% Livestock Voucher with every tank sold. (E.g. You buy a tank for 100 Pounds and we give you a 10 pounds voucher)

Buy any 6 Frozen Foods for 10 Pounds.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Live fish food.

Our Opening Hours this weekend are:
Saturday 10.00-17.30
Sunday & Monday 11.00-17.30


Super Weekend Winners & Raffle

It’s been a hectic weekend in the shop, so we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who dropped in over the weekend.


The winner of a 50 pound livestock voucher is: J. Thomson, Fintry.

The winning raffle ticket is 72. If this is your ticket you have won a Betta Nano Tank.


Could the winners please contact us for their prizes.


Back to school – SUPER WEEKEND 23rd-25th August.


Feeling the squeeze at the end of the holiday period? A visit to Aqua Parade this weekend can give some economic respite as we discount absolutely everything during our Back to School Super Weekend. Perfectly timed to give a neglected tank a facelift after a long hot summer.


10% off all Freshwater livestock.


5% off everything else.


And some brilliant other offers such as

“Buy 1, Get 1 free” on Neon Tetras & “Buy 1, Get 1 free” Live Fish food


Any 6 frozen foods for a tenner


All purchases above £10 during the weekend will be in a draw for a £50 Livestock voucher


All tanks over £50 will come with a £10 livestock voucher


Eheim scubacube 125 in white (50x50x50cm)

Comes with 4 x T8 lighting system. Was £450

Now only £350. That’s £100 saved

AquaCubic XL 55l in black and white (49x160x40cm incl. Stand)

Comes with led lighting, filtration and heater. Was £385.

Now only £299.99


We are raffling out a super cute Betta Nano Tank complete with led lighting with a retail value of £49.99. Tickets are 50 pence each.


There will be Animal Encounters both Saturday and Sunday. If you are not a reptile fan, you may want to come Friday as Simon is visiting on Saturday and Sunday. Simon is a Beared Dragon and very friendly we’ve been assured! On Sunday there will also be Guinea Pigs in the shop.

Small Pet & Reptile Hotel by Aqua Parade

Aqua Parade opens the doors for small pets and reptiles who’s owners are away.

Our service is easy and convenient, we can even offer a pick up and drop off service in most cases. We will provide high quality food or you can provide your own if you wish.

The hotel will be open for small pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and other furry’s. Birds are welcome, as are reptiles including lizards, snakes, tortoises and turtles. We regret that we are not able to accommodate fish, dogs or cats.

To minimise stress on your pet we recommend that they travel and stay in their own cage or terrarium. We do however have limited pet housing available, please call for availability. Snakes above 5ft must have their own terrarium.

Prices start from £3/night. (Minimum charge is £30) For transport options please call 0141 554 7771 for a quote.

Bank Holiday bargains this weekend

There’s an extravaganza of special offers coming to Aqua Parade this 3 day weekend. The offers are lasting from Saturday to Monday and some of them can be found below.

Our opening hours is Saturday 10am-5.30pm & Sunday-Monday 11am-5.30pm.


Buy all 6 in the range of Hugo Kamishi freeze dried foods at 2.99ea and receive a 10 pound livestock voucher!!! Now that’s an offer!!

Betta Lifespace 15 litre coldwater tank with trickle filtration and LED lighting. Was 39.99. Now 29.99!!

Buy 10 packets of Frozen food for only 15.00

Shubunkin 2-3” Only 1.50!!

XL Assorted Fancy Goldfish 10-12cm. Was 15.00. Now only 9.99!!

Convict Cichlids Only 2.00!!

Buy 1 get 1 free on all airstones!!

20% off all Red Sea products incl. test kits.

Plus all our standard offers such as buy 2, get one free on both plastic & live plants. This weekend we will extend the offer to include our beautiful selection of Hugo Kamishi silk plants.

Mixed Malawi Juveniles: Only 2.oo. 1-2” Only 4.00.

And finally a 10% discount on all other fish & corals.




Birthday Summary & Winner

A huge Thank You to everyone that came and supported us throughout our birthday weekend. We set new visitor records both yesterday and then again today so the weekend was an absolute success.

The total amount of water in the goldfish bowl was 5210 milliliters. I write this out fully as the suggestions varied from 300ml to 17500ml and there was even a couple of suggestions of different amounts of millimeters. Yes really!

Anyway, the majority were in that area, but the closest guess was 5250ml, only an amazing 40ml away. Rita & Margaret Fleming the winner of the 30 pound livestock voucher which can be picked up in store whenever you like.

Thanks for all the warm greetings, cards and presents. To those who didn’t make it, we are looking forward to seeing you in our third year of business.

Our 2nd Birthday Party THIS WEEKEND.

Aqua Parade celebrates 2 years and this coming Saturday & Sunday we invite you to come and party with us.

Here’s some of the things that are taking place.

There will be birthday cake!

Half price end of season Discus sale. All must go. We need the tank for Koi as spring is getting closer.

20% off all freshwater fish.

10% off all marine livestock.

10% off all aquariums.

All frozen foods only £1.89 ea.

Competition, Balloons & Fun!  Welcome!