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Refit 2 – Day 1 – Tuesday

The day swished by yesterday and before we knew it, it was gone. Time flies when you are having fun and fun it was believe it or not. Not really a day filled with funny moments and mishaps, but funny because eventually we started seeing results. First on the agenda was to clean Neptune (Our 6ft SPS/LPS system with nano tanks) which had been drained the day before. Over 2 years worth of coralline algae and an amazing amount of calcified sand, glass, weirs, overflow baskets, wave makers, return pumps, heaters, sump… It took pretty much all day with at least 2 people working in shifts on it at all times and around a gallon of vinegar. The cuts and bruises became many, but hey, blood, sweat and tears built this shop and most certainly will continue to do so!

So Neptune was shining as if it was brand new, at least it would have been if the sun had still been out or we hadn’t dismantled the lighting system. Once it was refilled, this time with freshwater and then heated we were ready for the first big move. We were quite happy with the result.


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Aqua Parade proudly presents its new Plant tank.

Neptune is big enough to allow us a great selection of plants and has room for a great light system, strong enough to sustain them. The nano tanks will be used for freshwater shrimps, Snails, Fighting fishes, Miniature Rasboras, Endlers and Killie fish.

As the old plant tank was empty it gave us room to move all the coldwater fish from Crystal Palace. They are now on a short break all the way to the old plant tank. A journey of a mere 10 feet, can still be an amazingly breathtaking experience… If you are a goldfish. In their absence we started draining Crystal Palace which was our original goal post of the day. The aim now that it is drained is to bring it back to its former glory. We’ve had a rethink with regards to the old LED strips and we will raise the main tank on several boards with gaps big enough for the LED’s to comfortably slide in. If they break again we can then just slide them out and change them. There are some concerns about under lighting tanks and this should never be done in a home environment but is absolutely fine with goldfish on a temporary basis. The fear is that the fish will start swimming upside down. As Crystal Palace is also lit from above the under lighting is more a decorating feature.  We are also redoing the mystic air-flow that somehow don’t displace any water from the middle tower and giving it a good inside clean. We’re gonna need more vinegar…

Today the towers are being removed and last night, just before we were leaving at 10pm Steven, after a few beers, was trying to regain some masculinity after the star fish incident. The tower are extremely heavy and I had arranged with Shaun, the body builder from the shop next door who does 160kg bench press to come and lift them out. Steven tried to convince us that he was capable too. So much he did a partial strip to flex his muscles.

The worst thing that has happened so far is the realisation that we are a week late. We should have done this last week when the weather was great and the customer count low. Nothing brings in the punters as a bit of rain and we had a steady stream of disappointed customers all day. We can get you anything you want by the door, but for Health and Safety reasons we unfortunately can’t let you in. We understand it may not be too tempting to buy fish that you haven’t seen, but we hope that the result will be an improved, sparkling clean shop and thank you for your patience with us these few days.

In other news, Helen went for the hat-trick this morning. First she dipped one of them, then the other. I found it hilarious and wanted to post a picture, but for some reason she declined.

Also, Helen and I filled the temporary coldwater fish home to the very edge. When I say the edge, I really mean the edge. I am amazed that we haven’t had a flooding yet, it’s bound to happen. Anyway, we decided to play a little trick on Steven & John so we turned off the water, but left the hose in the tank and hid and watched as they came back in the room. We thoroughly enjoyed the panic in both guys as they rushed to turn the hose off, which obviously meant they turned it back on, more panic and shouting as Helen and I are shaking with laughter. Maybe one needed to be there, but you don’t get more fun than what you create yourself, as my old Ma used to say when I was bored as a child!

That’s all for today folks,