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Refit 2 Day 2 & 3. Wednesday-Thursday

I’m back finally. Last week during the nice weather, Steven and I was sitting in his garden discussing the refit. Once we finished we reassured each other that we had a solid plan, we hadn’t taken on too much, we would probably finish yesterday and go to the beach today.  Yeah, right!

So, no blogging yesterday. I wasn’t home until well after midnight and today there simply was no time. Where do I start?! So we left off last time with a new plant tank, and now we also have a new Pond fish tank, a new African cichlid set up with 18 tanks and space for up to 65 species, a coral table that looks better than ever and finally we have a polished Crystal Palace, with lights, and it looks great, even if we say so ourselves.

Are we finished? Not by a long shot! There are still a few licks of paints to be done. Some shelves are a bit empty, primarily because we now have more shelf space. Huuuuge fish delivery tomorrow so we are in very early to clean the shop before the delivery. The kiosk service will continue to approx. 12 Noon to allow us acclimatise the fish safely. Sorry, this need to be very short today. I’m just too tired!