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Refit 2. – “The Sequel!” – A bit more than a few licks of paint…

Exciting (and exhausting) days ahead as the team in Aqua Parade goes into lock down for 3 days to revamp the shop. We have been running for 3 years now, and a full 2 years since our last refit, we feel the shop is getting a bit tired and that some re-thinking of the interior is needed. A lick of paint, and a thorough re-organisation of both livestock and dry goods sets the frame for the refit. And a whole lot of blogging. If the last refit is anything to go by there’s going to be amusing disasters and mind bending problems to solve, all which was dealt with through a fair bit of nocturnal therapy in the shape of my blog, so that is a must.

So what is happening? Well, things are changing places, some things will have more space, other things will have less, but these will be more consolidated so we will not cut down on any particular stock items just display them smarter whilst our best selling lines and fish will be allowed more space and the range will be expanded. In short, we are maximising the space we have without impacting to much on the bright and clean looking status quo. Want to know more? Keep reading as there’s a couple of spoilers coming up and details of an amazing pre-refit sale.

So when is it happening? Tuesday15th-Thursday 17th July. And, yes we will be closed but will run a kiosk service for dry goods and live foods at the door. That is if you are not on holiday. What can I say, July is not a good time for us… A good time for a few licks of paint…!

Want to know more , I asked earlier? Well, obviously you do as you are still with me. O.K. I’ll reveal a couple of the winning stock groups that now are being prioritised. The first one is plants. Our plant selection will be second to none. When Practical Fishkeeping visited us in 2012 they gave us 4 stars for the selection and quality of our plants in a 300 litre tank. Imagine what we can do with literally three times the space, with super strong lighting to ensure our fantastic AquaDip plants that arrive on a weekly basis will remain at their peak. This will be positioned immediately next to a new plant and aqua scaping section with soils, fertilisers and equipment.

The second winning stock group is probably not a surprise to most of our regular customers, but then again, most of our regular customers are indeed cichlid keepers, and yes, it’s cichlids and especially the African varieties that will be rewarded with twice the previous space. We already have a name for providing the best African cichlids in Glasgow and it’s therefore natural for us to take this step and specialise further into the amazing Malawi, Victoria and Tangyianikan worlds. Steven (or as he prefers to be called, Cichlid Steve, but please don’t oblige him as it makes him unbearable!) must take the honour of our Cichlid success. Stevens opinion of “Marine fish are for people who aren’t brave enough to keep Cichlids” and my response “Cichlids are for people incapable of running a marine system” has kept us at loggerheads throughout our acquaintance but after 3 years of propaganda, persuasion and black mail attempts, yours truly now also have a Malawi tank going, and yez, I do love it…

Not that I have turned my back to the marine world. With Helen aboard, we are able to drive the marine section forward. Her expertise is pretty damn brilliant as she knows the things I don’t have a clue about, and she’s a brilliant teacher which both myself, the team and our customers are benefiting from. As always with marine it takes time. We have plans for a new marine fish section in the far corner of our shop, but it will have to wait for now as we are putting our focus on a revamp of the current coral tables.

As pretty much every live being in the shop will have to be moved, the less fish we have in stock when we start, the easier it will become. Therefore, we are offering 25% off all freshwater fish from now until Monday 14th July.
That’s our pre-refit sale!

Brands are an important factor when one is running a shop. Eheim is one of our leading brands and as an Eheim retailer we promise to sort any unlikely problem you may have with your Eheim product. I say unlikely, because with regards to filtration and reliability, no one gets close to Eheim. Their filters run for decades. We will continue flying the Eheim filtraton flag from a new primary location in the shop. After 3 years of failures and successes we have ended up with 2 completely different brands of remedies. API offers a good quality primarily fresh water selection of additives for beginners and experienced fish keepers alike. Seachem offers that high end alternative that suits the most discerning aquarist, whether their specialty is cichlids, aquascaping or reef keeping. I will not brush under the carpet that a refit will allow more space for these brands, which allows us higher purchase power and more competetive pricing…

As for foods, we already offer award winning frozen and live food from the Dutch supplier AquaDip. Rest assure our live foods arrive on a weekly basis. We have tried a number of manufacturer, but as most bags of Bloodworm would stay alive for 2-3 days, AquaDip’s food stay fresh all week. AquaDip also does a range of basic dry food, The quality is high, yet the prices are great. Aquarian’s full range will always be shown on our shelves. A good trusted brand, reasonably priced and with an immense amount of research behind it. We have several different Marine foods and Hikari’s full Cichlid range will also soon be on display.

So time to brace, take a deep breath, and throw ourselves into the abyss yet again. It will be worth it in the end. We know that from experience. The tenacity of my team members is fantastic and what an important part of bulding a business that is. If we stop for a second, rest on our laurels so to speak, things will fall down around us within months. God knows we’ve been close. But here we all are, fighting on in a notoriously difficult business, and little by little we are slowly moving forward, always looking to improve ourselves and I am immensely proud to create new things with John, Steven and Helen. A very loyal, friendly and hard working team, who all have the shop’s customers or rather the customers tanks best at heart. All for the love of fish… And our little shop!

We started in 2011. Throughout 2012 we went from strength to strength. 2013 was the tough year. The year everything was out to get us, everything from political decisions to the issues of a more personal nature. I am not going to mention Bird Phoenix, but the truth is that 2014 has repaired most of the damage from yesteryear, and I want to announce it from the roof tops. I choose to do so, by commending the team that has brought us through the crisis. I can’t wait to experience the future with you guys! To the customers who are still with us, not least those that chose to come back to us, well this is for you.
Thank you!

For more revelations about the refit (or indeed any other matter that might pop into my mind on a late night) follow this spot…

Cheers, Chris.