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Refit II – Day Zero (Monday)

So it all begin, albeit with a slight head start. At closing time Monday all four of us was in and started draining systems so that we could (in theory) start moving livestock Tuesday Morning. The most entertaining aspects of the evening must have been the revelation of Big Bad Butch Steve’s complete irrational phobia (which I will take great pleasure in sharing with you all a little bit later), and Helen’s accident in one of the coral tables where she “dipped” a certain body part long enough to now enjoy the title of Miss Wet Aqua Parade T-Shirt 2014.

The sad look of drained tanks, and the shop freezer doubling as staff comfort provider.

The draining of the 2 systems went quite well, with the shop’s floor, for a short period having just over a ton less weight on it’s shoulders.. eh.. Floor boards! The cleaning of 2 years worth of coralline algae before refilling the systems took slightly longer…

Steven was suffering from, according to him, the well known condition “Dayafterworldcupfinalitis”, and retired shamefully at 8.45, but in fairness he had been in since 9.30 and done very welll, with the exception of the star fish… I’m not too shamed to admit that I am no fan of anything with more than 4 legs. That goes for aquatic creatures as well and lobsters and especially crabs remind me a bit too much of spiders for me to handle them with any kind of confidence. This to Steven’s great amusement and my subsequent ridicule. Until now… So as Steven was draining one of the marine systems, one final inhabitant had to be moved. A brittle star fish. All we heard was a sudden “Oh No! I can’t deal with this. Someone else need to bag it. I can’t touch it. Oh it moves its legs. Yuk!”

At 9pm John, Helen and I called a kebab which was like knock in Solar Plexus and sent us all into a dreamlike state which made the rest of the refilling more of a nightmare. 10pm was all we managed, we took the dogs and walked home. Tired, but very relieved that Refit 2 – The Sequel, finally was underway…

More tomorrow,